Neural Thoughts. Human neurons thinking about artificial neurons. Welcome to a new blog on learning Machine Learning written by Bohumír Zámečník.

I come from the Software Engineering world and recently got excited by the Machine Learning (ML) field. It allows to solve really difficult and cool problems. Such problems I've been wondering as a teenager but had no idea how to solve them. What are the chords in a song?, What style the music is?, Is this email a spam? Is it a kitten or car on a picture?, etc.

So that I went to the university several years ago with the hope that after graduating I'd be able to solve those problems. It gave me a lot of theory but little practice for ML. Then after working on my own music analysis apps I attended the Machine Learning course by prof. Andrew Ng held on Coursera in Spring of 2014. It was the first real hands-on experience and a very exciting one.

I realized that the same principles and techniques of ML can be universally applied in a vast number of disciplines, not only within music analysis. Also I can now fully appreciate the solid foundations from the university (Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Calculus, Optimization Algorithms, Parallel Processing, etc.). Those theoretical subjects along with practical experience in Software Engineering now seem like a perfect mix for being able to effectively apply ML and contibute to the ML community.

For the last few months an enormous number of ideas came to my mind how to apply ML in everyday life. It's like you're watching the world with a some magic goggles. The more possibilities I can see the more I realize that for really getting the work done I need to work hard on practicing ML every day to get the process, techniques, intuitions, tools under my skin. It's a life-long journey towards mastery. And like the whole life the path itself is the goal.

So in this blog I'd like to share my thoughts and experiences from this exciting journey. I'd love to get in touch, so if you're interested feel free to follow me on Twitter at @bzamecnik and discuss the things. Enjoy!

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